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This is the blog of NukeThePope, a Reddit member active in /r/atheism.


After almost a year of reading and writing a lot of comments on atheism-related questions, I think I've seen most of the relevant topics. I've also meanwhile written about many of them. Reddit is stream-of-consciousness, so the same stuff tends to get asked (and answered) again and again as new people drop by. While I enjoy writing comments and refining my arguments, I'd like to avoid some repetitive effort. This blog will contain, eventually, a collection of my writing on many different topics. Whenever someone asks about one of these topics in /r/atheism, I can link to my blog article here to explain my standpoint with a single link.


Like the NukeThePope site, this blog is meant to be a companion site closely related to Reddit. Each blog article here will link back to a Reddit post with a discussion of the article, which will allow people to comment on my article and contribute criticism or enhancements.

I invite feedback from my readers. Send me a personal message if you like!

Next: Why the fuss about atheism?

changed January 19, 2011